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Big C:B Update [Aug. 26th, 2005|12:15 am]
Corporation:Blend Rock


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Greetings Gorgeous Ones.

Everything's been ganning a bit nuts in the old C:B camp of late, so I hear.

starting with the release on Monday 8th August, 2005:

The Mathematician
Be The Weapon
Too Rich For Water...Too Poor For Wine
Beyond the Day

if you havent already bought it please go and get it now, by taking a healthy jaunt down to Rough Trade. Alternatively if you wish to order from the relatively safe and sometimes secure atmospheric hub of your own home, go to the C:B Online Shop but LJ links aren't working at the moment so you'll have to go straight to the C:B website to get it from there.

To accompany this rather phenomenal EP, Corporation:Blend tore the roof off the Camden Barfly on 8th August, playing a blinder to a packed out venue, the gig was generally acknowledged to be among their best performances and personally made me go very wobbly in the knee department. Did this just happen to me or was anyone else there experiencing the same level of knee-behavioural issues?

The EP has sparked growing interest and The Mathematician has received plays on Radio One by Steve Lamacq and XFM, with Lauren Laverne bigging them up as well as National Music press review from good old Rock Sounds - with 7/10 for the EP and some well perceived ramblings about a promising future. On top of this, there have been positive reviews aplenty in fanzines, webzines and online music sites. And so, it seems the revolution begins. If anyone hears of or comes across anymore, please post them or link to the site.

Also, please feel free to post any pictures or c:b related goodness/comments etc to the community as well - more the merrier an all that.

News on more C:B gigs etc soon.

Share the joy, kids.