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After a storming night in June CO2n! bring you another fine selection… - be the weapon [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Corporation:Blend Rock

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[Jul. 25th, 2005|10:37 pm]
Corporation:Blend Rock


After a storming night in June CO2n! bring you another fine
selection of bands for the final Friday of the month (July 29th). All
the usual promos, freebies and sweets shall be ready for you
along with these fantastic bands...

CORPORATION BLEND are a slezerock four piece of glam
tinged rock mayhem. Reviews of their new single, "For All My
Sins", have been unanimous in announcing them as absolute
certainties to be the next big thing. THE INTERNATIONAL
KARATE PLUS formed from the fallout of indie pop punkers
Mohobishopi and have been impressing the world with their
Pavement-influenced sound ever since. Straight out of Cardiff
and now promoting their single "Nexus In A Chain Of Thought".
REBUS have been somewhat of a closely guarded secret in their
hometown of Reading. However, that is all set to change as their
forthcoming single has been adopted by Vodaphone to front their
new campaign. Spine tinkling rock energy, see them before the
oiks at Top Of The Pops do!

As usual music before and between bands is supplied by Andy
(quirk) and Meli, the best in new indie and alternative you can
dance to. From 11 Electric Dreams take the decks for 3 hours of
80s alternative and modern goth/glam hits.

WHAT: Come Out 2nite! @ Camden Purple Turtle
WHO: Corporation Blend / The International Karate Plus / Rebus
WHEN: Friday July 29th, 8pm - 2am
HOW MUCH: £4 before 8:30 / £5 before 11 / £6 after (Electric
WHERE: 61-65 Crowndale Rd, Camden, London (020 7383
MORE INFO: www.comeout2nite.co.uk